Petro-Data Inc.

Software for Petroleum Distributors for Over 25 Years

Petro-Data is a software company that has been creating and installing software at Fuel Distributors for over 25 years.   Though we continue to upgrade and support our full featured product, The Complete Jobber, we have created the The Fuel Jobber to fill a particular niche in the Fuel Industry.

In the last 10 years,  customers and partners have repeatedly issued the dire warning that there would only be a few huge conglomerate  Petroleum Distributors in each state in the future.    But something entirely different happened instead.    We started  getting inquiries and selling our software to small startup Jobbers who were also in the convenience store business.  So quite the opposite happened as it turns out and now we have The Fuel Jobber Software System which fills the needs of this unique subset of the Fuel Industry.

We are always on the lookout to partner with other software companies.   For example, we think The Fuel Jobber would complement  any company who already sells software to convenience store chains.  If you are a business who knows the Fuel Industry and are interested in our product then please contact us .